List of my projects that are worth mentioning

Minimal Portfolio thumbnail image

Minimal Portfolio

Minimal website to display my projects cleanly without any fancy libraries

Waifu On The Web thumbnail image

Waifu On The Web

A web-based Artificial Intelligence with Natural Language Processing and a Live2D model

Jalan Rahmat Digilib thumbnail image

Jalan Rahmat Digilib

The web version of Jalan Rahmat Academy included with admin page

Bocchi thumbnail image


My attempt at "creative programming" and graphics design

Jalan Rahmat Academy thumbnail image

Jalan Rahmat Academy

Mobile application for Yayasan Jalan Rahmat, my first try into Mobile Programming

[React Native][Expo]
Live Translate thumbnail image

Live Translate

Translate as you speak using Google Chrome's Web Speech API for speech recognition

[Vue.js 3][Tailwind CSS][DaisyUI][Vercel]
Japanese Assistant thumbnail image

Japanese Assistant

Assistance on Japanese characters, verb conjugations, and romanization

Ohayou thumbnail image


A start page that is minimal both in usage and design

[SvelteKit][Svelte][Tailwind CSS]
Hotel Vue thumbnail image

Hotel Vue

For high school competency test, the first project to feature a REST API

[Vite][Vue.js 3][Vuetify][Express][MySQL]
Asobimashou thumbnail image


My first innovative vanilla HTML & JS game, styled with Bootstrap

Hubin thumbnail image


Web application to help with internship mapping for my high school

Simak PPDB thumbnail image

Simak PPDB

Landing page for my internship company product

[Nuxt 2][Vue.js 2][BootstrapVue] thumbnail image

First internship project and also the first step in my career as a web developer

[Nuxt 2][Vue.js 2][Vuetify]