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Initiated on 6 November 2021

  • [Nuxt 2]
  • [Vue.js 2]
  • [Vuetify]

Table of Contents

  1. Story
  2. Why the teck stack?
  3. Last words


This was my first ever time getting into a front-end framework, me and my friends were told to learn Vue and make a website for the company.

We were very confused of course, since we didn’t have any experience with anything related to Node.js nor deploying a website to the internet. The challenge given was just right, we didn’t take it easy and we weren’t overwhelmed.

Why the teck stack?

On why it’s Nuxt, Vue, and Vuetify specifically is because “they” said it’s the easiest framework to learn for beginners. I mean, we couldn’t refuse too, so why not?

Last words

I will and always miss those times. Shout out to the everyone behind Savikindo!