Hotel Vue

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Initiated on 10 March 2022

  • [Vite]
  • [Vue.js 3]
  • [Vuetify]
  • [Express]
  • [MySQL]

Table of Contents

  1. Story
    1. Admin Panel
  2. API
  3. Screenshot


So this test I’m talking about was in 11-14 April, we were taking written test and a case study where we have to make a website about Hotels.

I will include a quite important note that you, as a developer, has to remember. Atleast that was what the examiner said.

Admin Panel

An admin panel
An admin panel

The site has an admin panel inside of it, where you can play around with the API and while the design is very bland and basic, I think the functionality is enough to make it usable.

So what was the important note?

I completely forgot to add pagination. Yep, I think that was the only reason on why I got smaller grade than I expected, so don’t forget to have pagination if you’re dealing with a lot of data!


Source code for Hotel API

Yet another thing that was introduced to me, a JavaScript framework for Back-End development. My close friends used this on their internship, so I got into it as well.

This was the time I’m familiar with Laravel, the design pattern is quite similar to it: controllers, middlewares, migrations. and routes.

I can say the security is too elaborate thanks to the best practices I’ve read online.


Full page screenshot of Hotel Vue
Full page screenshot of Hotel Vue